Awards and Honors

Golden Apple Award, Biennale of Illustration (Bratislava), 1983 for “Marissa and Gnomes”

Grand Prize VI Premio International Catalonia d’illustracio del Libres per a infants, (Barcelona) 1995 for “Kashtanka”

Five Gold Medals of Society of Illustrators (New York):
Boots and Glass Mountain 1992
The Children of Lir 1993
The Frog Princess 1994
The Tale of Tsar Saltan 1996
The Story of Noah and the Ark 2004

Best Illustrated Book of the Year designation, “New York Times” for:
The Fool and the Fish 1990
Gulliver Adventures in Lilliput 1993
Kashtanka 1995
The Sea King’s Daughter 1997

Fierra Di Bologna Honour, 1991 for “Sorotchintzy Fair”

Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children designation, National Science Teachers Association (Children’s Book Council), 1985, “Once There Was a Tree”